WhatsApp get Basic Info Sniffing

Well, the another day I was seeing the raw data in wireshark, when i see my own phone number in the screen, amazing i said to my self, scrolling the mouse over the wireshark windows I see my WhatsApp version.

I try get the messages but they are encrypted by the WhatsApp aplication.

I dont know if exist one program to decrypt the messages.

I'm able to programing in C, then I write some code for get the Basic info of the whatsapp messages like:

  • MAC Address
  • phone number
  • running version of whatsapp

in a friendly format!!.

If you are follow some person and you want to sniffing his Wireless traffic, you can isolate only one MAC Address communications.

source code: readWAbasicinfo-0.r3.tar.bz2

you need have libpcap installed, and the raw pcap file.

I try do it in real time but it's complicate.

compilation: gcc -o readWAbasicinfo readWAbasicinfo.c -lpcap


Update 2015/02/26 whatsapp  version for IOS


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